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Easy Grammar texts use the prepositional approach combined with effective strategies. This helps students to understand grammar, a tool for speaking and writing properly.

Daily Grams®

Daily Grams:
Guided Review Aiding Mastery Skills texts have been designed as a 5-10 minute, daily review to be used at the beginning of every lesson. Students use concepts learned in capitalization, punctuation, and other areas on a daily basis. This process promotes mastery learning. See individual texts for "Content and Sequence" and format.

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Introduction to Easy Grammar,
Daily Grams, and Easy Writing

31 seconds)
Why I Developed Easy Grammar

Easy Grammar Overview

Daily Grams Overview

Easy Writing Overview

Capitalization Overview

Punctuation Overview

Preposition Overview & Bingo

Direct Objects
Contractions, Helping Verbs, and Verb Phrases

Verb Game

Sit/Set, Rise/Raise, and Lie/Lay

Linking Verbs

Noun Overview

Common/Proper and Abstract/Concrete

Predicate Nominatives

Adjective Overview

Adverb Overview

Adverbs or Adjectives

Pronoun Overview

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