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Easy Grammar texts use the prepositional approach combined with effective strategies. This helps students to understand grammar, a tool for speaking and writing properly.

Daily Grams®

Daily Grams:

Guided Review Aiding Mastery Skills texts have been designed as a 5-10 minute, daily review to be used at the beginning of every lesson. Students use concepts learned in capitalization, punctuation, and other areas on a daily basis. This process promotes mastery learning. See individual texts for "Content and Sequence" and format.

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What Others Say - Teachers

"I am using Easy Grammar Plus with a 7th grader who failed 1st semester English ('F'). He is now averaging a 'B' in English - thanks to Easy Grammar Plus!"

L. Esplin, Burley, ID

"My two principals and I were at your booth - learning all we could about this new way of learning grammar. While we there, we heard testimony after testimony from teachers who have 'dumped' their old curriculum and have instituted your curriculum…with amazing results.

We promptly…began to learn grammar…THESE KIDS WERE GETTING IT! Light bulbs were going off right and left! Wanda, you could see it in their eyes – kids who previously had done poorly were gleaming with pride for understanding what they were doing!"

S. Wilkinson, U.S.A.

"I've been teaching for 30 years. This is the only program that I have ever completely bought into. Before using Wanda Phillips's materials, I was struggling to prepare my own lessons and exercises to effectively teach grammar, sentence structure, and parts of speech….After six years of using this program, I can say conclusively that students are able to master these concepts in record time with short, consistent application of this method. Thank you, Wanda!"

C. Holyschurch, Burlington, VT

"I have used Easy Grammar with my…language arts students, and your method of teaching grammar is superior to any format I have read about or personally used…Iowa test scores improved 30% in the area of language arts! I love your materials!"

M. Vacca, GA

"I loved Easy Grammar when I tutored junior high students! The book is excellent!"

B. Sutton, Elk River, MN

"For years I tried and discontinued different grammar programs. Because of my master's degree in English, I was hard to please! Then a friend suggested I use Easy Grammar. We breezed through it and retained more grammar than I thought possible. Thank you for a truly EASY approach to grammar!"

D. Trefzger, Sterling, VA

"What Wanda Phillips has done for teaching and learning grammar has been amazingly helpful. In nearly 25 years of teaching, I have found Easy Grammar to be the most logical and consistent approach to use with my students. Starting with prepositions allowed them to more readily identify and manipulate the other sentence parts that perplexed him. Once I started using Easy Grammar, my classes experienced "light bulb" moments in almost every lesson. Thank you, Wanda, for making grammar truly easy!"

J. Anderson, Ames, IA